Pipi Café Review

Pipi Café is a quaint café and diner in Havelock North in the Hawke’s Bay Region and boasts of its scrumptious pizza, frequented by locals and tourists alike! Beyond pizza, they also have a wide range of menu selections to choose from.

Pipi Café
16 Joll Road, Havelock North 4130, New Zealand
Contact Number: +64275707510; 068778993
Open hours: 4pm to 10pm – Tuesdays to Sundays
Cuisine: Pizza, Italian food, vegan and gluten-free food


Pipi Café is one of the most popular café and bar in Havelock North, and there is one good reason for it – pizza! Customers are raving about their pizza and the variety of flavors and wide range of toppings available. People come for the pizza, but a host of other Italian home-grown recipes are also a delight to taste if customer feedback is to be believed! Especially mentioned in the reviews were the calamari, salmon salad, rice pudding, and fish cakes with desserts like crème brulee and apple crumble.

Pipi Cafe interior

Wine and beer are in abundance to go with the dinner fanfare. Also, there’s a bar in Pipi Café for those who like their cocktails. But what makes Pipi Café unique, that Pipi Café culture is its help-yourself drinks. Yup, there’s a self-service fridge where you can pick any drink you want, then tell the staff at the end what you got. The fact that Pipi Cafe relies on high trust from its customers is a novel experience in and of itself.

The entire dining experience is a bit casual, although it can get quite busy in the evenings particularly on Fridays so you might want to book in advance. There’s a welcome mix of customers as well, families, group of friends, corporate professionals, etc. The café’s ambiance in itself is relaxed, giving off that homey and cozy vibe. The pink in various hues interior helps for a lively atmosphere with several table settings for groups, high chairs for individuals, and outdoor seating if you want to enjoy a refreshing meal outside.

In keeping with Pipi Café’s commitment to provide customer satisfaction, it guarantees to bring only the freshest ingredients and organic produce sourced locally for a healthier dining. And while it does offer regular meals, it also has vegan and gluten-free options, a nice touch to making sure that customers on specialized diets can still enjoy what they have to offer. And this effort was well appreciated by customers who have frequented the café based on reviews.

The staff are well trained and are very friendly, going the extra mile to make customers comfortable. Service is also generally good, however, when it gets a bit busy, it takes a bit for your orders to come, which is also the reason why it’s highly recommended to book in advance.

If you can’t be bothered to wait at the café for your pizza, a mobile truck servicing several councils also offer the same pizza fare to customers. You can check out their daily route and order from there.

Pipi Café was founded based on the owner’s love for her children and her passion for food. Alex, the café’s owner, has established a rare Pipi Café culture, one based on honesty, and it’s one of the café’s charm indeed! Not to mention that the food is just heavenly delicious!

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